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Local crime rates had been going up and my wife was terrified of us being a victim. I couldn’t say I was a fan of the idea myself, but whenever I bought something valuable she pretty much just glared at me. It wasn’t just burglary she’s afraid of, she was afraid of losing anything in any way. From fires to burglars, to floods and everything in between. We could never go out as a family because she insisted that someone should be home at all times to watch the house. I tried to reassure her, but she wouldn’t stop worrying about everything she could possibly think of.

I wasn’t sure what to do about her worrying, or about the fact that our belongings really were in danger of being stolen or destroyed. All I could think of was locking them up, but I thought then they would still be lost in case of a fire.

I found myself talking to my neighbour one day about crime, our security problems and my wife’s fears. He was very familiar with that situation, but also claimed he knew the solution. He told me he had recently purchased a safe that would not only protect your belongings from burglary, but also from fires. A fireproof safe.

That had to be the answer. I was sure this would protect our possessions appropriately. I told my wife what my neighbour had told me and I saw her face light up. She clearly liked the idea. We decided to buy a safe as well.

So then it was time to pick one out. I went to the site my neighbour had given me, that was where he had bought his safe, at the fireproof safes shop. They had safes for various purposes, data safes, gun safes, security safes, but what we were looking for was a home safe. We browsed that category and found that these safes were not even as expensive as we had expected. They were really affordable.

We picked one and ordered it. And soon enough, our new fireproof safe was delivered and we could start protecting our valuables. It was a delight to see my wife so relaxed and happy. I haven't seen her so relieved in a long time. Now, she doesn't worry about burglars, fires, or even floods anymore!

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